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It’s an exciting time at Tom’s Food Markets. Our continued sales growth has enabled us to invest strongly in our future. Wages have been adjusted throughout the company to strengthen our workforce, significant investments were made in new equipment and market resets in 2020 with exciting changes on the horizon for 2021. We have recently added several management trainee and Tom’s Xpress positions to the company. All have been tremendous additions to our management and market teams. We need to prepare our Tom’s workforce for the future. By investing in the development of our people, we ensure that we have talent that will lead us forward. That is the primary reason we have created several key “trainee” positions that will train and be prepared to step into their own full management role when the time comes. This position pays $647.32 for a 45 hour work week (paid weekly) with a full benefit package.

Responsibilities Include:

POSITION SUMMARY: The Bakery department manager’s position entails planning, organizing, directing and controlling all department activities; supervising, developing and motivating while working alongside the department associates. Directly responsible for providing and monitoring associates to ensure exceptional customer service is received by all of our customers. Responsible for the successful bakery department operation and implementation of all policies and guidelines as established by Tom’s Food Markets.

Understand T.E.A.M.: Together Everyone Achieves More.


1. Ensure Customer Service is Always a # 1 Priority within the Bakery department and throughout the market.

2. Maintain an awareness and concern for the company’s interest and investments at all times, by conforming to the technical and ethical standards of Tom’s Food Markets.

3. Supervise department associates in a fair and consistent manner; delegate responsibilities accordingly.

4. Help Bakery Manager build and maintain an effective team within the bakery.

5. Maintain the compliance of the Food Safety Code within the department.

6. Ensure effective department security in compliance with company policies and directives.

7. Comply with all company safety and accident prevention policies, reporting all accident and providing related information to the manager in charge.

8. Develop, coordinate and enforce departments work schedules to maintain effective control of labor expense while enhancing customer service.

9. Maintain adequate and appropriate bakery department records at all times.

10. Complete all paperwork and communication to ensure a smooth flow of information with the department and throughout the company.

11. Evaluate your department continually, making recommendations for changes to your supervisors.

12. Maintain proper order and productivity through positive discipline and through documentation of these procedures.

13. Maintain good working relationships and open communications with staff, other department managers and supervisors.

14. Take charge of total market operations when assigned, enforcing all market security, maintenance and closing procedures.

15. Participate in the receiving and proper storage of products delivered to the bakery department.

16. Ensure compliance with all Department of Agriculture regulations and guidelines within your department: Conduct periodic checks for freshness, correct weights and tares, proper labeling, dating, storage and sanitation.

17. Participate in and monitor all fundamentals of the bakery operation, including mixing, scaling, proofing, baking, frying, finishing, wrapping and pricing.

18. All other duties as assigned.


1. Ensure proper department pricing, rotating and merchandising according to company policies and procedures, to meet objectives.

2. Responsible for proper purchasing, costing out to determine retails of product. Must have ability to prepare master production sheet.

3. Maintain inventories of stock and supplies, in line with established budgets and guidelines through proper ordering.

4. Maximize sales and profits through merchandising, cross merchandising, and display planning.

5. Maintain product inventories at optimum levels through proper ordering.

6. Understand, train and enforce proper pricing procedures to meet verification goals (.5% error rating).

7. Maintain an awareness of competitive activity within the marketing area at all times.

8. Plan aggressive merchandising programs and weekly case layouts for increased sales.

9. Prior to the sale week, review and understand the ad plan. Prepare appropriate supply of sale items.


1. Ensure compliance with all company policies, standards, programs, and directives pertaining to the bakery department. Set an example by keeping your appearance neat and clean, and by wearing proper attire.

2. Perform proper and timely orientation, through training, coaching and accurate evaluation of new department associates.

3. Continually train and develop all department associates, using proper methods of product handling, and ensuring that the skills learned are properly utilized.

4. Complete effective associate performance evaluations and follow appropriate wage scale, to request increases on a timely basis.

5. Provide and enforce safety training to associates within the department. Use equipment properly and safely to avoid injury or damage.

6. Ensure compliance and enforcement of all federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to employment, safety and protection of all associates.

7. Build and maintain customer and associate goodwill by carrying out duties in a cheerful, courteous and efficient manner. Provide exceptional customer service to all customers.

8. Promote a high level of morale within the department and market, utilizing friendly, mature, professional methods; honesty, consistency, and open communication.

9. Build a “team work” environment within the department and company as a whole, remembering that our success will depend upon our ability to work well together.

10. Motivate others through your example: meeting the goals that you set for yourself, showing that deadlines are real and quality is important.

11. Continually practice self-development.


1. Ensure the physical appearance of the department, including selling and backroom areas, meet company maintenance and sanitation standards and the standards of regulatory agencies at all times.

2. Keep all department equipment in good working order, requesting repair when necessary.

Requirements and Conditions (Essential Functions):

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform all of the duties described in the proceeding in an efficient and competent manner. The requirements and conditions listed below are representative of the minimum levels of knowledge, skills, experience, and/or ability required. Some requirements may be modified to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Language Skills:

Ability to hear, speak, and understand the spoken word in order to respond promptly to pages for assistance, to accommodate verbal requests from associates for information or assistance, to answer telephones, and to be able to communicate effectively with associates and co-workers.

Ability to read, write, analyze, interpret and understand the English language with sufficient proficiency in order to read and understand:

1) Instructions for operating electronic equipment and tools

2) Company handbooks, policies and procedures and

3) Other written job related documents including postings on company bulletin boards.

Ability to fill out forms properly and compose and write reports.

Be able to perform all duties and responsibilities in an efficient and satisfactory manner that meets the minimum standards for productivity, accuracy, cleanliness, harmony and safety established by the company.

Physical Requirements:

While performing the duties of this job, the associate is regularly required to sit, stand, and use the hands to handle; fingers to feel objects, tools or controls.

The associate must frequently walk, talk, or hear, and reach with the hands and arms; occasionally the associate must crouch or kneel.

The associate must occasionally exert or lift up to 50 pounds carrying boxes or records and forms and frequently exert or lift moderate amounts of weight.

Successful performance requires specific vision abilities that include close vision and the ability to adjust focus.

Tom’s Food Markets reserves the right to revise this position description at any time and to require associates to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of Tom’s business, competitive considerations, or the work environment change.